Lindenhurst Old Photographs and Images

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Jacks Clams

Jack's "Clams to Take Home"


Jack's Clams "1/2 Shells Served"

Spellerberg Garage

Update: Building demolished March 2012. 1950's: This garage is located on the Southeast corner off the Wellwood Ave. and Montauk Highway intersection. The current building is a shiny new bank.

Oak Garage Lindenhurst 1922

The same garage, from the map Aero-View of Lindenhurst, 1926.

C&M Service Gulf Station
C&M Service, Gulf

Werner's Bowl
Werner's Bowling, building razed in 2008

Old Homestead Restaurant Lindenhurst
From the Lindenhurst Broadcast, 1929

Lindenhurst Taxi and Modern Barber Shop
Wall Sign: "Lindenhurst Taxi, Tel. 89". Sign above Building reads
"Modern Barber Shop" c.1930

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